Smart Mouse Trap – Perfect and humane solution to those mouse problems!


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The Smart Mouse Trap is the perfect choice for all animal lovers.  There is nothing worse than clearing away the corpse of an unfortunate mouse that has strayed into a conventional trap.  This gives the ideal solution, and whilst obviously the future health of the mouse in its new environment is never assured, this is an easy way to remove the problem from your property.  It also gives children the educational bonus of seeing a living ‘mini-beast’ up close!

The problem with a mouse problem really only begins once you realise you have one and once you have identified where the mice most often frequent.  Perhaps there is just a suspicion?  Perhaps they have been heard scurrying about?  Perhaps there are droppings?  Worst of all, perhaps there are damaged items from their gnawing?  The choices that are then offered are numerous:  old-fashioned ‘break-neck’ traps; glue traps; electric traps; poison traps; the list goes on.  Alternatively there are options to use a mouse repellent or deterrent.  Most simply perhaps though is simply to remove the mice one by one and humanely from the population, which hopefully will not prove to be a mouse infestation. Time will tell with that one.

The Smart Mouse Trap is triggered when the mouse enters in search of the bait and the door snaps shut.  Merely set the trap and check frequently, otherwise the result may just be a starved mouse which is not the ideal humane result.  Once trapped, take the live mouse to an appropriate vegetated area, open the door and away the mouse will go.  The Smart Mouse Trap can be cleaned and re-used ad infinitum.  Quick and humane mouse control at its finest.

The trap is of green transparent construction with two stainless steel springs.  It measures roughly 75mm x 175mm x 63mm (3″ x 7″ x 2.5″).  Included are instructions and a booklet with mouse advice.  The Smart Mouse Trap is endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organisations worldwide and is available here on Amazon.

This is a great gift for animal lovers everywhere, just be careful not to offend by the obvious insinuation!!